Qastiel as a baby.     Picture from Tatiana  Pajares De La Fortea  


Twisted Elk Karelians

Twisted Elk Karelians

Nestled high above the Colorado National Monument and the Rocky Mountains, our 90 acre ranch is surrounded by an abundance of wildlife and big game. Our bear dogs are raised in a quiet but working Ranch atmosphere. They are handled from the minute they are born with plenty of love and affection from me, my husband and our five children.


Our bear dogs are raised to protect our home from Intruders as well as the wild life. They get plenty of working experience which is something that is handed down from one generation to the next. Our precious dogs have been imported from Europe where they were originally bred as hunting dogs.

Our King of the mountain, Qastiel De La Fortea, was imported from Spain and is currently known as 2016 UKC National Breed Champion and has many other awards. Our matriarch of the family is none other than Tuisku Dell Amoretto, of the famous Dell'Amoretto family of Italy. We hold a very high standard when finding a family that is fit to care for this very rare and special breed.

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